16th National Agriculture Exhibition (Agrishow)

The UPSCALE project partners from Food for the Hungry, led by James Mugisha, participated in this flagship event, also known as Agrishow, where numerous exhibitors were promoting the agricultural sector, attracting farmers, agribusinesses, policymakers and researchers. With the theme “Innovative Agriculture for Sustainable Development,” the 16th Agrishow aimed to showcase the latest advancements and technologies in the agricultural sector. It served as a platform for stakeholders to exchange knowledge, explore business opportunities, and foster partnerships that can contribute to the growth and development of Rwanda’s agriculture industry. Visitors could expect a wide array of exhibits, including agricultural machinery, livestock, seeds, fertilizers, agro-processing technologies, and innovative solutions for sustainable farming practices. The show also featured live demonstrations, expert presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, making it a comprehensive and interactive experience for all attendees.  
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