Knowledge Exchange Hub

UPSCALE Knowledge Exchange Hub (KEH) is a comprehensive online platform for effective dissemination of knowledge and project results among stakeholders, collecting feedback and ensuring transfer of sustainable intensification practices and relevant push-pull technology and related market information to farming, research and policy communities and wider society. The KEH has been structured in a way that is informative, easy to navigate and can target all different types of stakeholders. It is linked to UPSCALE social network channels that have been providing up to date information about the project since the project was launched. The KEH functions as an online repository for advocacy knowledge resources through compilation of success stories, scientific papers, policy briefs and best practice reports. Moreover, the KEH provides regular updates on the status of the project to all stakeholders, as well as targeted development of information sharing and capacity-building materials (posters, pamphlets, technical advisory notes, brochures, etc.) and media outreach for different stakeholder audiences (farmers, policymakers, businesses).

KEH content is regularly edited and uploaded on the web pages itself improved, and more sections added gradually as the project evolves.

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