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Stay connected with us as we share our knowledge and experience in Push-Pull technology across the East Africa region – Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. We are dedicated to keeping you updated on our journey in the field of sustainable agriculture.

Report on demonstration and first data collection for 2023B season

As the UPSCALE project extends its impact across East Africa, our partner NARO, along with its constituent institute NaCRRI, coordinated a range of activities based on sustainable and climate-smart farming practices based on Push-pull technologies (PPT) in Uganda. Efforts are being made to integrate PPT into existing farming systems, such as the maize beans intercrop, with the overarching goal of enhancing maize production and productivity while minimizing environmental impact. The team already established 21 PPT demos with farmer groups in Kamuli, Namutumba and Iganga districts and four trials involving bean integration during 2023B, serving as learning centres to facilitate the adoption of PPT among stakeholders. To ensure optimum performance of the pest management system under PPT, the companion plants have to be managed to the best standard. The team, therefore, performs regular visits and training of the host farmers and other members on the proper trimming of companion plants to ensure it. The training that is conducted will monitor the crop performance in push-pull and none push-pull control plots. This is the first report on the proper management of push-pull during the 2023B season. The team from NaCRRI worked with agricultural extension officers attached to the respective sub-counties and visited

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UPSCALE at the 7th African Conference of Agricultural Economists (7th ACAE) – 2023

Name of the event: The 7th African Conference of Agricultural Economists & 60th Annual AEASA Conference Date: The meeting took place from the 18th to the 21st of September 2023 Organiser: The conference was organised by the African Association of Agriculture Economists (AAAE), jointly organized with the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa (AEASA) Venue: Durban, South Africa “Since the turn of the century, the African agri-food system has been plagued by an increasing number of extraneous shocks and stressors, stemming from a variety of sources, including climatic and natural disasters, man-made conflicts, health-related issues, and macroeconomic factors. These events are disruptive to populations and their livelihoods and, unless adequately addressed, they will impede Africa’s structural transformation through their adverse impact on agriculture and the wider food system.”   In light of this, the 7th African Conference of Agricultural Economists, having taken place in Durban, South Africa, on 18-21 September 2023, and jointly organized with the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa (AEASA), explored the theme “Through Crisis: Building Resilient Agri-food Systems in Africa.” The conference brought together leading scholars, policymakers, agribusiness representatives and development practitioners to reflect on recent developments in African agricultural systems and identify pragmatic approaches to building a

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MAC Meeting Rwanda, December 2021

UPSCALE Second MAC Meeting in Rwanda, December 2021

Name of the event: Rwanda UPSCALE MAC Management Second Meeting Date: The meeting took place on 08-09 December 2021 Venue: The meeting was organized by Food for the Hungry (FH) Association Rwanda and RAB. It was held at the INFINITY Hotel located in Gatsibo District, Eastern Province of Rwanda. The choice of the meeting venue was influenced by the proximity to the push-pull plots and the easy accessibility of all farmers. Fifteen participants from various organizations attended the meeting. After the meeting, the participants conducted a site visit of Push-Pull plots in Nyagihanga-Gatsibo and participated in the Farm Service Centre launch where Push-Pull Technology will be demonstrated. Participants Testimonials Mrs. Jeanne D’Arc MUKARUYONGA, AGRA CARE (Agro-vet inputs supplier) I am the deputy chair of the MAC Management committee. I am a professional supplier of agro-vet inputs in Rwanda in everyday life, but I decided to focus on the grassroots area. I used to work on development projects, then I decided as an empowered woman to start my enterprise. Due to my long experience in agriculture extensions, I decided to go in Ago-vet inputs. I started small but, I am growing fast. I recently got a grant from USAID worth 92,000
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