UPSCALE is open to new additions to the team!

UPSCALE is a five-year project being implemented in five Eastern African countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda & Ethiopia), by a consortium of 18 European and African Partners through funding from the EU Horizon 2020 Project.

The project aims at scaling up understanding and applicability of push-pull from individual fields to farm, landscape and regional scales, and from cereal to other crops and cultivation systems (read more here). It is implemented through 10 Work Packages (WP), of which Maseno University (MU) leads WP1: Multi-actor transdisciplinary coordination through 4 tasks and Task 7.2 of WP7.

Task 1.1

Coordinating with projects and networks in Africa and the EU to develop and implement transdisciplinary, Multi-actor Communities of practice on sustainable intensification.

Task 1.2

Organize multi-actor transdisciplinary workshops and meetings.

Task 1.3

Develop a multi-actor transdisciplinary knowledge-building strategy among UPSCALE partners, research, extension providers, policy and various value chain stakeholders.

Task 1.4

Synthesize multi-actor feedback and co-construction processes for transformative transdisciplinary research approaches.

Task 7.2

Increasing value chain integration through transdisciplinary multi-actor involvement in knowledge exchange, infrastructure and policy.

Research Grant Call

The project aims to provide research grants for one (1) PhD student and three (3) MSc students to undertake studies in the following areas within the study region:

  1. Multi-actor Community engagements as a framework for effective/ sustainable implementation of the Agro- based policies (1 PhD student and 1 MSc student) (WP1).
  2. Increasing value chain integration through transdisciplinary multi-actor involvement in knowledge exchange, infrastructure and policy (2 MSc students) (WP7.2).

Research Grant Costs

This research grant covers a modest stipend and research costs for 12 months during data collection, analysis and reporting. Qualified grantees will be required to develop proposals within the specified research tasks in line with the Research Grant Call.


Interested candidates should meet the following criteria:

  1. Be bonafide students of public universities within the study regions having registered not earlier than 2018.
  2. Have successfully completed course work, where applicable.
  3. Have no other commitments/engagements and are willing to undertake the research within the duration of the project period.
  4. Have an interest in the integration of stakeholders in agribusiness management.

Application process

Interested candidates are required to:

  1. Submit an application clearly marked as “PhD” or “MSc Student” to the undersigned.
  2. Attach a motivation letter (700 words) on why you are suitable for the project, areas of interest and what you will bring onboard to ensure project success.
  3. Attach a one (1) page concept note on any of the research grant call areas.
  4. Attach transcripts, where applicable.
  5. The deadline for application is 15th November 2021.

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

 All applications should be sent by email to



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