Farmers and Different Agricultural stakeholders Field Day event

In a world where the agricultural sector meets multifaceted challenges, the Field Day event emerges as a central pillar of togetherness. It goes beyond the furrows and yields, creating a space where farmers, agribusiness professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts can converge to not only share their experiences but also to shape the future of agriculture collectively.
In our case, the UPSCALE partner – the Institute for Sustainable Development from Ethiopia, represented by Andargachew Detebo – crop production and logistics coordinator, organized a Field Day event on 25th of November 2023 to promote Push-Pull technology (PPT) and to hear more about it from the actively involved farmers in this region.
The event was organized in the Dawachefa Wereda, Bedeno and Gerbi Kebele in Ethiopia for 70 persons including farmers, policymakers, media and Oromia Special Zone Agricultural office Officials and Dawachefa Wereda agricultural officials with experts.

Participants joining the Field day

During the 2023 Field Day Event, the public had the privilege of hearing from two farmers who are users of Push-Pull technology. These testimonials underscore the tangible impact of this innovative approach on their day-to-day farming operations. From effective pest management to enhanced crop resilience, these farmers stand as satisfied users, showcasing the practical aspects of Push-Pull technology. In the following text, we are representing their testimonials:

Farmer Endris’s Insight

Endris’s testimonial echoed the success story of Push-Pull technology in his sorghum production since 2011. His farm size expansion, from 400m2 to 700m2, demonstrated the tangible impact of the UPSCALE project. Particularly noteworthy was the integration of PPT with tomato, a marvel that eliminated the need for excessive chemical use and promised a diversification practice for the coming year.

Farmer Endris explaining about his Farm PPT

Farmer Ahmed’s Journey

Ahmed’s journey with Push-Pull technology started in 2013 when he was facing a setback due to a scarcity of Desmodium seed. However, the UPSCALE project’s intervention in 2021 reignited his engagement. Capacity building and collaboration with local project personnel enabled Ahmed to not only resume PPT use but also substantially increase his plot size to 850m2. This success story underscored the positive ripple effect on crop yield, livestock feed production, and soil fertility.

Besides farmers, the Team Leader at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Ato Endale, expressed sincere gratitude for the UPSCALE project’s tireless efforts in advancing PPT. His assurance of continued support and collaboration from the Ministry emphasized the project’s significance in the national agricultural landscape.

Also, Endris Mola, a Kebele Development Agent shared his perspective of view about PPT. Since 2021, Endris highlighted the significant progress in PPT adoption within his community. The establishment of research and demonstration plots at the Farmers Training Center (FTC) drew the interest of over 500 farmers. The integration of PPT in vegetable production captured the imagination of visiting farmers, resulting in a commitment from many to apply the technique in the upcoming cropping seasons. This success translated into over 200 new adopters in the Kebele, showcasing the effectiveness of research and demonstration activities.

Discission with MoA, Zonal, Wereda and Kebele Agricultural experts and officials

The Field Day Event not only accomplished its stated objectives but also became a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and inspiration. The heartfelt testimonials from farmers and stakeholders emphasized the transformative power of Push-Pull technology. The UPSCALE project’s commitment and collaborative efforts were acknowledged and celebrated, setting a positive precedent for future initiatives. As we move forward, the prospect of Push-Pull technology stands bright, promising sustainable and impactful changes in agricultural practices. The stories shared during this event serve as a testament to the project’s success and the positive trajectory it has set for future endeavours.

A group photo of the participants

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